Thank God for My Tribe!

my supportive tribe of friends

Growing up in an abusive family seriously damaged my self-esteem. It made me feel worthless and unimportant. My friends, however, made me feel loved and accepted. They helped me to see myself in a new light and to believe in myself. I am forever grateful to them for their support.

Christmas with a Narcissist

Spending Christmas with a Narcissist

Christmas, we are told, is the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone gathers with their family, eating and drinking and playing games in front of a roaring fire. It sounds lovely, does it not? However when your happy family gathering includes a narcissist, then Christmas becomes a minefield. In my case the narcissist was … Read more

My Father was a Narcissist

my father was a narcissist

When I first realised that my father was a narcissist and that his personality disorder was the underlying cause of all the inexplicably horrible things that happened to me as a child, I cried tears of relief.