Inspiring Quotes About Healing – Finding Strength And Hope After A Toxic Relationship

Moving on after a toxic relationship can be one of the hardest things we ever do. The pain and scars left behind by narcissistic abuse can feel like they will never heal. But it is possible to find strength and hope after a toxic relationship. These inspiring quotes about healing can help give you the motivation you need to keep moving forward.

Inspirational Quotes about Healing

“The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn.”


This quote is a reminder that we all have a choice in life. We can choose to cross the bridge of healing and move on from our past, or we can choose to stay stuck in the pain and suffering of our abusive relationships.

It is up to us to decide which path we want to take.

 “Letting go of toxic people in your life is a big step in loving yourself.”

Hussein Nishah

We need to love ourselves first and foremost, and prioritise our own needs and wellbeing. This can be a difficult thing to do, but it is so important.

Let go of the toxic people in your life and focus on healing and moving forward.

“Like arsenic, toxic people will slowly kill you. They kill your positive spirit and play with your mind and emotions. The only cure is to let them go.”

Dennisse Lisseth

Toxic people will only hold us back in life. It is important to recognise when someone is toxic and to let them go, no matter how much we might think we love or need them.

Only then can we focus on ourselves and our own healing journey.

Dear Self: Stop re-opening your doors for toxic people, then calling it ‘seeking closure.’ Certain things don’t work out in life . . . and that’s ok.”

Reyna Biddy

We often try to seek closure from toxic people, but sometimes we need to accept that they will never give this to us. We need to move on and find our own closure.

“The deepest wounds are not always the ones that show.”


This quote is a reminder that abuse can often happen in silence. The deepest wounds are often the ones we can’t see. Just because someone doesn’t have bruises or cuts, doesn’t mean they aren’t suffering.

“You are not responsible for the abuse that was done to you, but you are responsible for your healing.”


We cannot control what has happened to us in the past. But we can control how we heal from it. We are responsible for our own healing journey.

“The first step to getting over a break-up is realizing that you’re not going to die from it.”


In the words of Kelly Clarkson – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

This quote is a reminder that breaking up is hard, but it’s not the end of the world. It can be tempting to wallow in our pain and suffering, but we need to remember that we will get through it. We are strong enough to survive a break-up.

Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.

Hermen Hesse

Sometimes the hardest thing we can do is let go. Holding on to pain, hurt, and anger will only keep us stuck in the past. We need to let go of these things so that we can move on and heal.

“The only way out is through.”


There is often no easy way to heal from our past. We have to go through the pain and suffering in order to get to the other side. But it is possible to find healing and hope on the other side of our pain.

“The healing process is not a linear path.”


The journey of healing is often not a straight line. We will have ups and downs, good days and bad days. But as long as we keep moving forward, we will eventually get to where we want to be.

“You are worth the fight.”


We are worth the effort it takes to heal from our past. We deserve to be happy.

Final thoughts

If you’re struggling to find hope and strength after a toxic relationship, I hope these quotes about healing will inspire you to keep moving forward. Remember, you are not alone in this journey.

You are strong enough to get through this.

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