Bella Hadid – Battle for her Mental and Physical health

Bella Hadid's Battle for her Mental and Physical health

Bella Hadid has never been shy about discussing her mental and physical health struggles. The 25-year-old model was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease over ten years ago. She has now revealed just how bad things got, describing the experience as “excruciating and debilitating.”

In a new interview with WSJ Magazine, Hadid said that she was in “such a weird place mentally” earlier in her career. She explains that it got to the point where she wouldn’t even be able to name her emotions.

“I would have really depressive episodes and my mom or my doctor would ask how I was and instead of having to respond in text, I would just send them a photo. It was the easiest thing for me to do at the time because I was never able to explain how I was feeling. I would just be in excruciating and debilitating mental and physical pain, and I didn’t know why. That was over the past three years.”

Bella Hadid

The supermodel explained she has found journaling and exercise a priority for her mental health.

“If you work hard enough on yourself, spending time alone to understand your traumas, triggers, joys, and routine, you will always be able to understand or learn more about your own pain and how to handle it. Which is all that you can ask of yourself.”

Bella Hadid

I salute Bella Hadid for being so open about her mental health issues. Her words will help dispel the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage those who are facing the same struggles to speak up and ask for help.

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