Mobile App has been Found to Improve Anxiety Symptom Severity In Children

A Mobile App for Mild to Moderate Anxiety in Kids: Evidence Shows Immersive Games May Help
Lumi Nova – mobile app has been found to improve anxiety symptom severity in children

A recent study published in the journal JMIR Mental Health (2022) suggests that a mobile app targeting mild to moderate anxiety problems in children aged 7-12 years using exposure therapy delivered via an immersive game benefits children experiencing mild to moderate anxiety.

The app, known as “Lumi Nova,” is designed to help children understand and cope with their anxiety by gradually exposing them to feared situations within a controlled and safe environment.

The study found that the app was both safe and well tolerated by children, with no adverse events reported. In addition, anxiety symptoms were reduced in the majority of participants following treatment with Lumi Nova.

These findings suggest that immersive mobile game apps may safely benefit children experiencing mild to moderate anxiety. Future research is needed to explore whether this type of intervention is effective for more severe anxiety disorders.

If you or your child are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety, it may be worth considering using a mobile app such as Lumi Nova. Remember that if symptoms persist or worsen, please seek professional help. Anxiety can be successfully treated with the right support!

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