Narcissists in the Boardroom Create Toxic Corporate Cultures

Narcissists in the Boardroom Create Toxic Corporate Cultures

A year ago I walked out of a top C-Suite position with a global company because its culture was so toxic that it was impacting my mental health. Domineering narcissists in the boardroom had made debate impossible and I was constantly bullied into silence. My anxiety hit the roof and I was totally burnt out. … Read more

What Happens after a Narcissist Maliciously Destroys Our Self-Image?

Narcissists destroy our self-image

How do you see yourself in your mind’s eye? Do you think of yourself as kind and likeable, or generous and caring? Are you pretty, fat, thin, sporty or curvy? Do you like yourself? Are you easy to love? All these factors, and many more, are part of your self-image. This mental picture that we … Read more

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and its Implications for Abuse Victims

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The hierarchy of needs has been used in many fields to explain what motivates people. It is of particular interest in education, for teachers to understand how best to motivate their students.  It is also used by businesses to understand what drives their customers’ behaviour and how best to motivate them to buy their product or service.

Learned Helplessness: Trapped in a Psychological Cage

Learned Helplessness: Trapped in a Psychological Cage

When a person is in an abusive situation they rapidly learn that their situation is hopeless. This belief becomes a constant refrain in their negative self talk, draining them of any hope. Once the conditioning takes root, the victim is no longer able to assess the situation rationally.

The Abuse Does Not Define Us

Overcoming abuse

The trauma inflicted by narcissistic abuse is deep and can be overwhelming. The gaslighting, abuse by proxy, learned helplessness and constant fear of something, no matter how small, triggering a bout of narcissistic rage are crippling. There is no doubt that it leaves a mark and changes us – it is inevitable. However the abuse … Read more

Narcissists Mess With Your Mind

Narcissists mess with your mind and make you doubt your sanity.

One of the most debilitating aspects of narcissistic abuse is the fact that narcissists mess with your mind and make you doubt your own sanity. Victims of narcissistic abuse are constantly walking on eggshells but cannot quite put their finger on why. The constant gaslighting and all the lies and manipulation are draining and the … Read more