Inspirational Quotes about Hope

Inspirational Quotes about Hope

These inspirational quotes about hope are for those dark days when we desperately need some encouragement. When the echoes of the past weigh us down. On such days everything looks bleak and it is very tempting to give up. We tell ourselves that it is too difficult and that we do not have the strength … Read more

What to Say to a Friend with Anxiety Instead of ‘Don’t Stress’

What to Say to a Friend with Anxiety Instead of 'Don't Stress'

Whether you’re trying to console someone who is sharing their distress, or just want to check in on them, these nine meaningful phrases can be used as an alternative to “Don’t Stress” to show that you care and truly understand what they’re going through.

Learning how to Trust and Love after Adverse Childhood Experiences

Learning how to trust and love after adverse childhood experiences

When I was ten years old I met a little girl who was one year younger than I was. You know when they talk about love at first sight? Well, this was something similar. We looked at each other and recognized something in each other’s eyes. At that point in time we were both going … Read more