Narcissistic Supply – Feeding the Narcissistic Ego

feeding the narcissistic ego

To understand the concept of narcissistic supply, it is useful to think of a narcissist as having a gaping black hole where their self confidence and self esteem should be. The narcissist’s constant mission is to find ways to fill this emptiness inside the core of their being. Narcissistic Supply refers to anything that fills … Read more

What Happens after a Narcissist Maliciously Destroys Our Self-Image?

Narcissists destroy our self-image

How do you see yourself in your mind’s eye? Do you think of yourself as kind and likeable, or generous and caring? Are you pretty, fat, thin, sporty or curvy? Do you like yourself? Are you easy to love? All these factors, and many more, are part of your self-image. This mental picture that we … Read more