User Feedback on the Today Is The Day App

What is the Today Is The Day App?

The app is a platform designed to help people address their procrastination issues. It works by addressing the root causes of why it is you procrastinate, and then combats it through customized activities and a learning program backed by cognitive behavioral therapy.  

Today Is The Day app is a great tool for the following types of people:

Procrastinators: Do you find yourself putting off tasks that you know won’t take very long and then end up having more and more anxiety related to them? The app is designed to help people just like you.  

People who find themselves distracted and struggle to pay attention: Everyone procrastinates occasionally but it becomes a real problem when your quality of life is being affected. If you feel like you can’t seem to get anything done or progress in your goals, then the app will help you out.

People with poor time-management skills: Learning to manage your time is vital. Forming new habits by putting in daily effort quickly affects how well you manage your time and stop procrastinating.

People with ADHD: It’s much harder to stay focused for people with ADHD and they’re more susceptible to symptoms of procrastinators like difficulty meeting deadlines, being overwhelmed and struggling to concentrate.

Students: They’re surrounded by distractions from their peers. There are exciting events, and students need to manage life outside of their family, possibly for the first time. Add in deadlines for a variety of different subjects, and being a student is hard. Today Is The Day app can help students achieve their goals and create healthy lifelong habits

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What are the App’s Features?

The app has a range of services and features that make it much easier for you to achieve your goals and stop procrastinating such as:

Personalized Anti-Procrastination Plan: The signup process begins with a survey to identify what type of procrastinator you are, your behavioral patterns and the areas you could improve in. After this, you choose your subscription and receive a personalized plan to help address your specific issues. 

Progress Tracking: Every week you’ll be able to reflect back upon what’s happened in the last week and see how you’re progressing. It helps you stay motivated and encourages you to stay on your journey.

Daily Planner and To-Do Lists: Organize your daily tasks within the app and then work through the most pressing tasks to help you reach your deadlines.

Scientifically Backed Daily Tasks: The daily tasks take between 5-10 minutes to complete. The classes won’t overwhelm you and you’ll notice the small improvements to your lifestyle and habits add up quickly. You’ll receive new tasks and reflections every day to help you overcome procrastination.

Time Management: Today is the Day App is designed around helping you with time management, habit tracking and breaking tasks down into achievable ones.

today is the day app

Pros and Cons

      Pros      Cons
Personalized Plans.
Scientifically-backed activities.
Helps clarify goals and objectives.
Easy-to-digest tasks in 5-10 minute daily tasks.
Daily brain exercises.3 plans available.
Cancelation at any time.
No video or audio lessons.
The layout can be overwhelming to some users at first.  

How Can the App Help You be More Productive?

The app works so well because it’s backed by CBT. It doesn’t only give you a range of tools to create anti-procrastination habits and changes, but goes to the root cause of what’s causing you to procrastinate. This means you can address your issues with procrastination at the root cause rather than attempting to stop disconnected symptoms.

Everyone has a different form of procrastination. Negative self-talk is a large part of this once you see you’re not making much progress towards your goals. You could decide to go to the gym every day and create a grand plan. Then as soon as you hit an obstacle or miss a day you start calling yourself lazy or useless. That sort of self-talk acts as another barrier and makes you procrastinate with the gym again. By completing the daily tasks, these disruptions won’t affect you as much.

Is there an App to Stop Procrastinating?

Using your own willpower to stop procrastinating can add extra stress and expectations when you’re already likely struggling. Fortunately, there are external tools designed to help you focus and change your unhealthy habits. Apps can provide great support, guidance, and tips for overcoming procrastination. One app that stands out is the ‘Today Is The Day app.

Are Procrastination Apps Worth it?

  1. Procrastination apps can be a great way to stay motivated and track your progress toward procrastinating less.
  1. These apps don’t offer an immediate fix and require you to put in effort, but they are great tools to help you focus your attention.
  1. When you continue and complete the tasks suggested by procrastination apps, you’ll see positive changes.

What Do People Say About Today Is The Day App?

“The app has really made me reflect on how I’ve been living my life. I’ve always procrastinated but now I’m completing the exercises every day and feel like I’m finally making progress towards my goals”.

Cynthia L

“THANK YOU!! I’ve stopped with all my negative self-talk (some days are easier than others!) and don’t beat myself up so much if I don’t get something done.”

Rebecca A

“I’ve never journaled before and I love it. It helps a lot getting my thoughts out and prioritizing my time.”

Matt C

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