Healing through Verse: A Poem about Narcissism and Recovery

In the realm where shadows dance,
A tale of sorrow, not of romance.
Victim of a narcissistic game,
Life becomes a battlefield, full of blame.

Once radiant eyes, now filled with pain,
Every day feels like endless rain.
Promises made under starry skies,
Now seem like nothing but deceitful lies.

The narcissist, in his gilded mask,
Revels in his heart-wrenching task.
Feeds on tears, thrives on fear,
In his presence, joy disappears.

Words that cut deeper than a knife,
A constant struggle, a daily strife.
A love that was supposed to uplift and heal,
Turns into a nightmare, all too real.

But listen, dear heart, to this humble verse,
You are strong, you can lift this curse.
Your spirit is a burning flame,
You’re not a pawn in anyone’s game.

Remember the strength that resides within,
Against narcissistic abuse, you can win.
Rise from the ashes, spread your wings,
Embrace the freedom that healing brings.

In the end, let this be your creed,
From the narcissist’s grasp, you can be freed.
For you are more than the pain you’ve been through,
You are resilient, you are brave, you are you.

Concluding Thoughts on this Narcissism Poem

This narcissism poem traces a victim’s journey through the harrowing landscape of emotional manipulation and abuse.

It chronicles the victim’s experience in a narcissist’s cruel game, where life transitions from normality to a constant battlefield. The verses highlight the pain of broken promises and the fear incited by the narcissist’s harmful words.

However, while acknowledging the sorrow, ultimately the poem delivers a message of hope and resilience, encouraging victims to acknowledge their inner strength, rise from the ashes, and liberate themselves from the narcissist’s grasp.

This narcissism poem is dedicated to the experiences of those who’ve suffered from narcissistic abuse, offering a beacon of hope for their healing journey.

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