Exploring Narcissism Through Poetry: A Collection of Poems About The Narcissist

Poetry has always been a powerful medium for expressing complex emotions and experiences. In this blog post, we will explore the theme of narcissism through a collection of poems that delve into the mind and experience of the narcissist.

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‘But When I Met The Narcissist’ by Naya Lizardo

This poem by Naya Lizard and published on Medium explores the theme of survival and recovery from a relationship with a narcissist. It’s a powerful testament to resilience and the human spirit in the face of such a destructive personality.

I thought I could fly and take the stars down,
But when I met the narcissist I crashed and burned.
I thought I could reach the heights of joy and elation,
But with him, my dreams of love turned to desolation.
I thought I could trust and never be played,
But the narcissist showed me how trust is betrayed.

It was a painful journey, this I know,
But it made me realize that I had to grow.
I learned the importance of being steadfast and brave,
To trust my gut, to heed the warnings it gave.
To know when to set boundaries, when to be strong,
And to never let anyone again do me wrong.

To become a mature empath and stand on my own two feet.
In the end, I’ll be proud of the journey I had to complete.
I won’t be pushed around, I won’t go with the flow.
I’m the one who decides wherever I go.
I don’t need anyone’s permission to be who I want to be.
I’m no longer afraid to reach for my dreams, I’m free.

Naya Lizardo
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‘The Narcissist’s Insecurity’ by Fahim Chughtai

Fahim Chughtai’s collection on Narcissist Hunters offers a range of poems exploring different facets of narcissism, from the allure of the narcissist to the devastating effects of narcissistic abuse.

The exploration of narcissism through these poems provides a unique insight into the mind of the narcissist. Below I am reproducing one of his poems, focusing on the agonizing insecurity of the narcissist.

Beneath the surface of a narcissist’s charm
Lies a fragile ego, easily harmed.
Their need for admiration, a mask for their pain.
Their insecurity a burden, driving them insane.

They seek attention, to fill the void.
Their confidence a facade, easily destroyed.
They seek attention, to fill the void.
Their confidence a facade, easily destroyed.

Their insecurity runs deep hidden from sight
Their need for validation, a constant fight.
Their love is conditional, and it fades so fast.
Leaving them alone, in a world of the past.

Their need for admiration, a way to feel whole
But it leaves them empty, with an empty soul.
Their insecurity a burden, too hard to bear,
Driving them to seek attention, everywhere.

Their world is full of empty promises.
Their love is a game, with only one purpose.
To control and manipulate, to gain power,
Leaving them alone, in their own ivory tower.

Their insecurity a burden, driving them mad
Feeling the need to prove themselves, constantly sad.
Their love is a tool, to make themselves feel great,
But it leaves them empty, in a world of hate.

Their need for admiration, never satisfied
Leaving them alone, in a world of their own
Their insecurity a burden, too hard to bear
Driving them to seek attention, everywhere.

So if you encounter a narcissist’s charm
Remember their world is full of harm.
Their insecurity a burden, too hard to bear
Driving them to seek attention, everywhere.

Fahim Chughtai
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‘Shadows of a Narcissist’ by Carla Corelli

I wrote this poem on a day where I was feeling sad and grieving what could have been. It helped to clear the mental fog and reminded me that I was moving towards healing and better days.

Breaking free from a narcissist is hard, but it is worth it.

In the heart of a narcissist, mirrors replace windows,
Reflecting only self, in an endless echo.
A world painted with strokes of grandiosity,
Where empathy finds no reciprocity.

They charm and enchant with a dazzling smile,
Drawing you in, mile after mile.
Promises spun like a spider’s web,
Reality twisted, truth ebbing to ebb.

Their love feels as radiant as the sun,
But it’s a love that burns, not one that’s won.
A puppeteer pulling on heartstrings,
In their world, they are the kings.

Yet beneath the surface, something is amiss,
A gnawing feeling, a growing abyss.
Words that wound, actions that belittle,
Caught in the crossfire, stuck in the middle.

The narcissist’s dance is a dangerous game,
A cycle of love and pain, never the same.
An intoxicating high, a devastating low,
In the shadows of a narcissist, true colors show.

But remember this, when all seems lost,
To escape the narcissist comes at a cost.
But the price of freedom, of breaking free,
Is worth more than staying, can’t you see?

So gather your courage, reclaim your power,
Let the healing rain begin to shower.
For in the end, you’ll find your way,
Beyond the shadows, into the light of day.

Carla Corelli
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The Power of Poems in Understanding Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse

Understanding the narcissist and the effects of narcissistic abuse can be a complex, challenging process. However, poetry can serve as a powerful tool in this journey of understanding.

Here’s why:

1. Emotional Expression

Poetry is a medium that thrives on emotional expression.

It allows the poet to explore and express their feelings in ways that may not be possible in everyday conversation.

This makes it an ideal platform for victims of narcissistic abuse to express their emotions, and for readers to empathize with these experiences.

2. Insight into the Narcissist’s Mind

Poems about narcissism can provide unique insights into the mind of the narcissist.

Through metaphor, imagery, and other poetic devices, poets can portray the grandiosity, entitlement, lack of empathy, and manipulative tactics that are characteristic of narcissists.

This can help readers understand the thought processes and behaviors of narcissists, which can be difficult to comprehend otherwise.

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3. Healing and Catharsis

For victims of narcissistic abuse, writing and reading poetry can be a form of healing.

The act of putting their experiences into words can be cathartic, helping them process their emotions and come to terms with their experiences.

Similarly, reading poems about similar experiences can provide comfort, validation, and the reassurance that they’re not alone.

4. Raising Awareness

Poetry about narcissism and narcissistic abuse can help raise awareness about this often misunderstood and overlooked form of abuse.

By bringing these experiences to light, these poems can educate the public. They challenge stereotypes and encourage more research and discussion on the topic.

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Concluding Reflections on Poems About Narcissism

In conclusion, while clinical descriptions and psychological theories can provide valuable information about narcissism, poems offer a deeply personal, emotive exploration of this complex phenomenon.

Through the power of the written word, we can gain a more nuanced understanding of the narcissist and the effects of narcissistic abuse.

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