What is Narcissist Discard and what are the signs?

What is Narcissist Discard and what are the signs

Narcissists are not capable of maintaining healthy, stable relationships with anyone. They only maintain relationships as long as the person is still useful to them. When a narcissist no longer needs someone in their lives, they quickly discard them.

What is Narcissistic Projection? The Narcissist’s toxic blame-shifting tactic

What is Narcissistic Projection? The Narcissist's toxic blame-shifting tactic

Narcissistic projection occurs when a narcissist attributes their own feelings and motivations to others. The term “projection” was first coined by Sigmund Freud, who used it to describe one of the ways the ego defends itself from injury. Narcissists have a very fragile ego, so they resort to projection very often, in order to protect their self esteem.

Parentification – The Role of the Parentified Child in Narcissistic Families


Parentification is a term used in psychology that refers to the role of a child in a family where the roles of parents and children are reversed. In this type of family, the child often takes on responsibilities and tasks that should be carried out by parents. This can happen in different ways, and have different effects on the child.

The Narcissist and the Enabler – A Match Made in Hell


Enablers are often characterized by their unwillingness to set boundaries with the narcissist and their need to please them at all costs. They usually have low self-esteem and feel like they can’t survive without the narcissist in their life.