Flying Monkeys Meme Gallery: The Viral Memes That Will Make You Smile

Do you remember the movie The Wizard of Oz? If you do, then you’ll probably remember the scene where Dorothy and her friends are being attacked by flying monkeys.

Since then the term flying monkeys has come to be associated with narcissistic abuse, referring to the minions of the narcissist. They are always at the narcissist’s beck and call, ready to do his bidding.

Today, however, I will be taking a light-hearted way look at flying monkeys. In this gallery, I have collected some of the best flying monkeys memes that will make you smile 🙂

Flying Monkeys Meme Gallery

flying monkeys meme
flying monkey memes

flying monkey pox meme
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flying monkeys meme
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flying monkeys meme
flying monkey meme
abuse by proxy
flying monkeys memes
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Final Thoughts

In the twisted alternate reality of narcissism, flying monkeys are no laughing matter. However I am sure that you will agree that these memes are actually quite funny 🙂

If you have any other favourite flying monkey memes, feel free to share it in the comments below!

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