Future Faking – Narcissists make hollow promises about the future

Future faking is a manipulative technique that narcissists use to control their victims. They make promises about the future which they have no intention of keeping in order to keep their victims under their thumb.

In this blog post, I will discuss what future faking is and the signs you must look out for.

How does future faking work?

Future faking involves making promises about the future which are never fulfilled. The narcissist makes you believe that they love you and that you will be together forever. However they will then break up with you as soon as it suits them.

They may also make other promises like telling their victim that they will change. But of course, they never will.

Sometimes they promise to help their victim in some way. But tomorrow never comes.

They know how much these things mean to their victims so when they fail at keeping these promises on purpose, it hurts even more deeply than if they had simply forgotten about them altogether (which would still be bad enough).

Signs of Narcissistic Future Faking

There are many signs of narcissistic future faking, but one of the most common is when they promise something and then never follow through with it.

A narcissist may say that he or she will do something for you (like go on a date), but then never show up at all-or worse yet, they’ll get in touch just long enough to apologize profusely before disappearing again indefinitely!

Another sign would be if someone keeps making promises about spending time with you (“I love spending time with you!”) without actually following through with those plans.

Narcissists are also very good liars which makes them difficult to catch out in these lies. Their words always seem sincere, even though we know deep down inside there’s no truth behind them.

The Impact on Victims

The consequences of being involved with a narcissist who uses future faking can be devastating.

Victims often feel used, manipulated, and worthless after the relationship ends. They may also find it difficult to trust anyone else again after having their trust violated in this way by someone they loved and believed in.

Additionally, victims may struggle with feelings of abandonment, depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD or CPTSD) as a result of the narcissistic abuse they experienced.

If you’re currently in a relationship with a narcissist and suspect that they are using future faking tactics on you, it’s important to seriously reconsider your relationship. You deserve to be with someone you can trust, and who wants to build a real future with you.

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2 thoughts on “Future Faking – Narcissists make hollow promises about the future”

  1. Until reading this post, I’d never before heard of this “future faking” term but learning abt it now has nearly paralyzed me in fear over both the realization that the person I’m so wanting fills this symptom trait’s mold in addition to the love bombing that I realized months ago I’d been a target of per him when we first were getting to know each other.

    I’m scared now bc after bringing me to my knees twice now destroying me emotionally both times while discarding me like trash both time too, having spent months after each occasion putting myself back together, he’s for the 3rd time now resumed contact with me & until reading this, despite the fact that I know I’m again risking it all to trust he’ll do right by me finally, I now see he also used this tactic on me, and it’s devastating to learn of.

    When i txd him to simply ask if he’d ever heard of this term before, (no), he googled it & later replied it seemed more like a “pop psychology thing”. Idk what he read when he googled it but I’m betting it wasn’t this blog so I dismiss his attempt to trivialize ot as a so called pop psych thing (unsure really what pop psych even is myself).

    I just don’t know now I’m so confused and stuck between wanting so badly to trust in him yet damn near PTSD-like as well due to how awful he treated me the 2 times we ceased all communication.

    Thanks for bringing this concept to my awareness.


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