Don’t Ignore These 9 Clear Signs of a Toxic Relationship

It can be difficult to tell when a relationship is unhealthy, especially if it started off great but slowly changed over time. However, there are certain signs that you should watch out for. From emotional manipulation to physical or verbal abuse, these are nine clear signs of a toxic relationship you should pay attention to.

Toxic Relationship Signs (1) – You don’t feel heard

When your opinions and feelings aren’t being taken into account by the other person, it can be an indication that the relationship is not a healthy one. If your thoughts and ideas are constantly being ignored or brushed off, you must consider the possibility that the other person does not respect you or value what you have to say.

When communication breaks down between two people it becomes impossible for them to work through problems together let alone enjoy each other’s company peacefully which often leads them into a cycle of arguments and resentment towards one another instead.

Toxic Relationship Signs (2) – You’re walking on eggshells

A healthy relationship should never feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells around someone else. If you find yourself consciously trying to avoid certain topics of conversation for fear of upsetting the other person, then it’s likely that there is tension in your relationship that needs to be addressed head-on.

This is particularly the case if you are experiencing any form of abuse. In any healthy relationship both parties should respect each other’s opinions and feelings and refrain from saying things that will cause harm or distress. If you or your partner are regularly verbally abusing each other, then the toxicity has reached dangerous levels in the relationship.

The situation is even more critical if the situation has escalated any form of physical violence, such as hitting, punching or pushing. This type of behaviour should never be tolerated in any relationship, and it is a very clear sign that the time has come for you to exit the relationship as soon as is safely possible. If you or someone close to you is experiencing physical abuse please seek help immediately from a trusted friend or family member or contact local law enforcement authorities for assistance

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Toxic Relationship Signs (3) – There is no trust

Trust is essential for any successful and meaningful relationship, yet it can often be lacking in toxic relationships. If you find yourself constantly questioning why things are happening or who someone has been talking to, then there is obviously an issue with trust between the two of you.

If your partner insists on controlling every aspect of your life from how much time you spend with friends or family to what clothes you wear or where you go, this is another sign of a toxic relationship. It’s important to set healthy boundaries in any relationship, and if your partner does not respect them then it might be time to reassess the situation.

Toxic Relationship Signs (4) – Jealousy runs rampant

While a little bit of jealousy within a relationship is normal, excessive jealousy can become toxic if one person feels entitled to control their partner’s decisions due to their own insecurity.

If one partner feels threatened by every interaction their partner has with another person, even when it’s completely innocent, then there might be more going on than just jealousy. They could be exhibiting signs of possessiveness which may indicate an unhealthy attachment dynamic between them and their partner.

No one deserves to be treated like they are owned by someone else, so if this sounds familiar please take action now before things get worse.

Toxic Relationship Signs (5 ) – You feel emotionally drained

Spending time with someone shouldn’t leave you feeling emotionally drained or exhausted afterwards. If this is happening frequently then it could be an indication of an unhealthy dynamic in your relationship, where one partner is taking more than they give back in terms of emotional support and understanding .

Another sign that your relationship may be becoming toxic is when one partner begins withholding love and affection from the other, either intentionally or unconsciously as a way of punishing them for something they have done wrong

Toxic Relationship Signs (6) – Your self-esteem takes a hit

A toxic relationship can have a serious impact on your self-esteem. If the other person consistently puts you down or makes comments about how “stupid” or “lazy” you are, then this could lead to feelings of insecurity and inadequacy which will only lead to further issues down the line as these negative emotions start affecting other aspects of your life as well .

Don't Ignore These 9 Clear Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationship Signs (7) – You’re always fighting

Constant arguing isn’t just unpleasant; it’s also indicative of an unhealthy pattern developing between two people who don’t know how to communicate effectively with each other anymore . If all communication between the two partners breaks down into a battle over who’s right and who’s wrong instead of finding mutually beneficial solutions , then this could signal that something more serious needs addressing within their relationship .

Toxic Relationship Signs (8) – Gaslighting and Manipulation

Gaslighting is an insidious form of psychological manipulation where one person attempts to make another person question their own reality by denying facts that they know are true or making false accusations about them that are not based on fact. This type of behavior can have serious psychological effects on the victim so it is important to recognize the signs early and get help if necessary.

If your partner is constantly trying to guilt trip you, belittle you, or make you feel bad about yourself, this could be a sign of emotional manipulation. This type of behaviour will only lead to further hurt and resentment in the relationship.

Toxic Relationship Signs (9) – Blame-Shifting

Toxic people often use blame shifting as a tactic to try and avoid taking responsibility for their own actions. Partners end up not resolving issues in a productive manner, because they waste a lot of time shifting blame instead of discussing the situation rationally.

It’s important to remember that if you’re in a toxic relationship where blame-shifting occurs frequently, it won’t lead anywhere positive for either party involved. Taking ownership over your mistakes and learning how to handle them in an honest and healthy way is paramount for both individuals in the relationship.

Don't Ignore These 9 Clear Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Strategies For Dealing With a Toxic Relationship

Whether it’s due to unresolved issues, a lack of communication, or simply a lack of understanding, there are several things you can do to clear the air and help bring balance back into your relationship. Once you have identified the source of the toxicity, the following are some strategies you can try to resolve the situation.

Talk to your partner about how you are feeling

Communication is key in any relationship, and this is especially true when it comes to dealing with toxicity or other issues that may be contributing to tension.

Seek counselling or therapy

If talking it out with your partner isn’t enough, seeking outside help from a professional can provide valuable guidance on how to improve the state of your relationship.

Take a break from each other

Taking some time apart can help each of you get some clarity on the situation and whether or not the relationship is salvageable at all.

Set boundaries

Establishing boundaries early on in relationships can prevent toxic behaviour before it starts, but conversations about boundaries should occur even after problems have already begun to arise.

Explore why this toxicity exists

Is there an underlying issue causing this tension? Exploring why this toxicity has been allowed to exist in your relationship can lead to understanding and productive conversations moving forward.

Make sure both parties are heard and respected

Respect between partners is essential for any healthy relationship. Acknowledge your partner’s feelings and perspectives.

Find ways to make compromises and practice forgiveness. Working together as a couple to find mutually beneficial solutions is essential for fixing any issues within a unhealthy bond – making compromises will ultimately benefit both parties involved in the long run! Furthermore, having the capacity to forgive one another for mistakes made will build trust in your relationship and help move past tough situations quicker than holding onto resentment might do otherwise.

Re-evaluate expectations of each other and demonstrate support

Assessing what exactly each person expects from one another during difficult times will indicate where changes must be made, if any. Furthermore, it is important to demonstrate emotional and moral support for each other, especially during times of distress. This will help reduce tensions and ultimately ensure that both partners feel safe and heard during trying moments of struggle within the overall relationship dynamic.

Give yourself credit and practice self care

No matter what happens between you two, don’t forget that ultimately only you have control over how much love or respect you give yourself – take breaks for self-care, reach out for external supports when needed; loving yourself deeply by giving yourself credit every single day will bring balance back into life so much faster than anything else ever could!


Recognizing these 9 clear signs of a toxic relationship early on can help prevent further damage within your relationships whether it’s with romantic partners, family members or friends.

If you identify any one (or more) of the signs listed above doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship is toxic. However, these red flags should definitely prompt deeper reflection about what’s really going on between both parties involved.

Identifying unhealthy patterns before they become too entrenched makes it possible navigate away from potential sources of toxicity, instead choosing healthier paths towards happiness, peace, understanding, and respect in our lives..

Ultimately, being aware will empower us all make better choices when selecting our partners so we can focus less on avoiding toxicity and more on building healthier relationships together.

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