Finding Humor in the Self-Absorbed: Jokes About Narcissists

It’s no secret that narcissists can be challenging to deal with. Their inflated sense of self-importance and inherent need for admiration can often lead to difficult interactions. However, humor has a unique way of shedding light on even the most complex of human behaviors. Today, we’re diving into the world of narcissism with a light-hearted lens. Let’s explore some amusing jokes about narcissists that might just give you a chuckle.

Jokes About Narcissists

Jokes about Narcissists

Get ready for a hearty laugh, because these jokes are designed to tickle your funny bone and offer a light-hearted perspective on the traits of narcissism.

From puns that will make you smirk to anecdotes that will have you chuckling, these jokes are sure to brighten up your day.

Why do narcissists never play hide and seek?
Because good luck hiding when the spotlight is always on you.

Why don’t narcissists ever run a race?
Because they always think they’re already ahead.

Jokes About Narcissists

What’s a narcissist’s favorite song?
You’re So Vain” because they think the song is about them.


Why did the narcissist bring a mirror to the party?
They needed someone interesting to talk to.

What’s a narcissist’s favorite exercise?
Jumping to conclusions about how everyone feels about them.

Jokes About Narcissists

What’s a narcissist’s favorite type of math?
Geometry, because it allows them to always be the center of the universe.

jokes about narcissists

What’s a narcissist’s favorite drink?
Self-serve soda.

Jokes About Narcissists

What’s a narcissist’s favorite part of a joke?
The part where they interrupt to make it about them.


How does a narcissist change a light bulb?
They just hold it and expect the world to revolve around them.


Jokes about Gaslighting Narcissists

Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic often used by narcissists where they make others question their reality.

These jokes aim to shine a light on the complex traits of narcissism in a way that’s both entertaining and enlightening, offering a lighthearted take on an often difficult subject.

How does a narcissistic gaslighter play hide and seek?
They convince you they were hiding in a different spot all along.

jokes about narcissists

Why did the narcissistic gaslighter bring a flashlight to the party?
They wanted to cast a new light on old stories.


Why don’t narcissistic gaslighters make good historians? Because they keep rewriting history.

jokes about narcissists

Why don’t narcissistic gaslighters make good electricians? Because they keep trying to convince you the lights were never off.


Why don’t narcissistic gaslighters play poker?
They always insist they have a royal flush, even when they’re holding two pairs.


Why can’t a narcissistic gaslighter be a movie director?
Because they will try to change the script, even after the final cut.

jokes about narcissists

How does a narcissistic gaslighter play chess?
They will try to convince you their pawn was a queen all along.


Why don’t narcissistic gaslighters make good referees?
Because they keep changing the rules of the game.

jokes about narcissists

Jokes about Grandiose Narcissists

Narcissists are known for their grandiosity or their exaggerated sense of superiority. These jokes touch upon this trait:

Why did the grandiose narcissist go to space?
Because they believed they were the center of the universe.


Why did the narcissist go to art school?
Because they believed they were a masterpiece.

work of art

Why did the grandiose narcissist join the circus?
They believed they were the greatest show on earth

jokes about narcissists

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, humor can serve as a powerful tool to shed light on the complex nature and behaviors of narcissists.

Jokes about narcissists are more than just a source of amusement – they allow us to better understand and navigate these challenging relationships. They provide an avenue for discussion, insight, and even healing.

However, while humor can be therapeutic, it’s important to remember that dealing with a narcissist can be emotionally draining and sometimes damaging. If you find yourself in a toxic relationship with a narcissist, seeking professional help is an option you should seriously consider.

Remember, laughter may be great medicine, but it’s not the only treatment available.

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